This Is It

This Is It


Everyone has their own path. A path can rush with acceleration or slow to a crawl. A path can grow large and unpredictable or small and uninteresting. Only a person on their path can change it.

The path does not care if you are invested in it. Whether you love it or hate it, praise it or ignore it. The path moves onward with or without you. You can allow the path to fly under the radar or you can examine it by finding your breath for the present moment. You are the path and the path is you.

We are often so caught up with distractions that we forget to take a breath and experience the 'now'. Remember, This Is It.

Visuals: Adam Dargan
Sound: Luke Goossens


Process: Film to 3D

Film to 3D, breaks down the technical process of creating 3D images from 2D analog film footage. The following shows my exploration of ideas and visuals.