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Cameraless I

Creative Direction

Cameraless is a 2 hour workshop led by Adam Dargan that allows individuals interested in experimental filmmaking the opportunity to try it out for themselves. At its roots the Cameraless workshop encourages exploration of the physical medium. All marks and expressions are valid and have a place on and in the film. Participants are given the opportunity to push the boundaries and explore new techniques.

In conjunction with the Altered Esthetics film festival, this film was screened July 29th, 2016. Musician Greg Brosofske created live music to accompany the piece.

Created by: Adam Dargan, Cong Hu, Anna Taberko, Sarah Abdel-Jelil, M. Parker Stuar, John Link, Aidan Teppema, Maggie Schuster, Shana Brownell, Marcie Lacerte